Thursday, 31 March 2016

the Most Marvellous Social Worker

So...the most lovely social worker in the world who is on our case, has come up trumps!!!  She has found someone to do my ironing!!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am!!!  ALSO (yes, the joy goes on) someone to help with the cleaning...pushing a hoover around aggravates my chest thing and leaves me uncomfortable for someone else can do it for me!!! (I feel a bit decadent but the excitement of having a clean house has enabled me to overcome that!!) AND (yes, it continues) she has found someone to come and help with Jboy for 7 hours a week..which may not sound much to you but sounds like heaven to me!!!  This will take a little time to set up as we need to find the right person who will be happy with Jboy, with whom Jboy is happy and in whom  we have confidence. AND (yes..there IS more) she has enabled me to go to the local Leisure Centre for swimming or whatever takes my fancy to give me a little space and hopefully get a bit fitter at the same time!  I am almost speechless. Almost!!! So, Most Marvellous Social Worker, you have brought a smile to my lips and sunshine to my weary soul. Thank you...if you are reading this, you know who you are!!!!!! Not only have you read the entire supply of notes on Jboy..which meant such a lot to me because it meant you have taken time to find out about my Boy(and there were a LOT of notes)..but you have sorted things out for us, his weary parents, AND enabled M to have ironed shirts for work. Our cup runneth over!!!! You are The Most Marvellous Social Worker!!!

The End