Thursday, 10 March 2016

post birthday blogette

So...I had a most marvellous birthday yesterday. The soggy start was just a blip in an otherwise lovely day. I was taken out for coffee (with birthday syrup) and then taken out for lunch by a marvellous chumette..then, in the afternoon, I spent my booktoken on two books which had been sitting in my Amazon wish list for a consigned to the delete button. Oh the joy! The satisfaction! The excitement of a new book...or in my case TWO!!!. M managed to get home early whereupon I embarked on the Opening of the Cards. Jboy always finds this extremely stressful so I had to temper my natural enthusiasm and glee in order that he did not go wild. ('Jboy goes wild in the kitchen' ..sounds like a children's story from my childhood) I managed pretty well..until it came to the present from M. It was indeed some jewellery, chosen all by himself. This was a present that I did not buy for myself, or wrap for myself .....novel, I know! (no it wasn't a novel )('novel' as in the orginal meaning of the word ie new)(the wordsmith strikes again)(an adventure story from 1960 perhaps??) oh but I was a delight and I did shriek just a little which sent Jboy into a paroxysm of anxiety. General flapping ensued and there was a considerable amount of paper throwing..we managed to calm him with a piece of gluten/dairy free cake and the promise of a delicious and nutritious fruit pot. Order restored, we continued with our natal day celebrations until, exhausted with the excitement of it all, Jboy shuffled off to the bathroom and subsequently to bed. I had a lovely day and don't feel a day over *&^%$££""£$%%^&  oops my computer wouldn't let me type an age!!!!
I was touched and humbled by the cards and birthday wishes that I received. I know I did advertise it a bit (a bit!!!!) but I was still really thankful for all the messages etc. What a lovely lot you are.
The End