Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday speculations......

So..I am reading a book (my friends say my middle name IS Ireadabook)and the above phrase caught my eye.  'NO ONE has ever lived YOUR life with YOUR particular challenges and possibilities'.  The author goes on to say 'YOU have never been attempted before'.(words by the author, emphasis mine)  I really like this notion...I have never been attempted before.  The author is encouraging his readers to live THEIR lives to the full as they can possibly make them within the parameters of their own challenges and possibilities. He encourages us NOT to think about step 17 as we put our metaphorical foot out to step forwards into whatever . We don't have to know step 17..we just need to take step 1 and go from there.
So, equating that to life, real life, my real life with my boy...what does it MEAN???  Well, for me, today (who knows about tomorrow??? or next week??) it means that today is all I need to deal with. No one has ever had to do this before. No one has ever been me before. No one has ever been Jboy before.
 So..while this could be daunting and scary, it is also an adventure. (Bear in mind, my black dog is asleep today, tamed and chained) But today I AM choosing to see it like that. When my black dog wakes up I might see it differently. I might need reminding of this positivity. I do have a brain rather like a butterfly, I land and then I fly away..I read, wax lyrical about a book , fly away and forget what I have read..feel free to remind me!!!
It IS true life is unique. Your life is unique. Jboy's life is unique. There may be 17 steps, there may be 3 , there may be 3000060606...sooooo,here goes step 1
The End