Wednesday, 9 March 2016

umbrella down is my birthday...Jboy woke me nice and early at 2.00am. Evidently he thought he should be extra attentive to me today and was a cling-on extraordinaire. Breakfast and bathtime were a fairly subdued affair, apart from the odd minor flood over the bathroom floor that is. Wouldn't do to deviate from the norm! Jboy then settled  happily to view the antics of Ben and  Holly in the Little Kingdom until it was time to don our coats and step out into the weather. Such weather it was too!!! Our Pavement Vigil was a VERY wet one today...we stood for at least half an hour in the pouring rain, with me doing my best to shelter Jboy from the worst of the wet. We started out with a brolly but Jboy and the brolly had a battle with Jboy winning ! My jolly brolly is no more...oh well.  I also started the vigil off with many a jolly song involving rain but as time went on, my repertoire ran out and we stood, largely silent as we soaked. I kept suggesting that we go back into the warm and the dry of the house but he would have none of it so we stood, resolute until the Right Bus came.It was very late and the driver very apologetic. Jboy squelched onto the bus and sat soggily whilst I returned into the house to hang up my dripping coat, extract another from my Forest and bound off to have a birthday bash with my lovely chum.  Jboy has now worked his way through all my robust know, those big golfing ones..and we are down to flimsy telescopic types.  I cannot fathom his objection to brollies, other than that they are not what we have whilst waiting for the bus....who knows. Or his objection to hoods. Or to hats. Or  to any form of meteorological protection. 
Umbrella 0: Jboy 1