Sunday, 6 March 2016

another action packed weekend

So...yesterday we did indeed verture forth to a garden centre, as predicted. We scooped up Dancing Girl on the way and off we went. It was a Garden Centre of which Jboy approves and with which he is now familiar so all started off well. However, we had ommitted to remember that today is Mother's Day, Mothering Sunday if you will, and as consequence the Garden Centre was teeming. There were fathers and small children, men without children but carrying large amounts of flowers, was a mass of frenetic humanity, clutching plants, cushions, candles and all manner of maternal giftettes. We made our way to the cafe, Jboy's place of preference , which was of course also full. M found a table(thankfully the table we always have....naturally) in the furthest corner of the cafe whilst I did the deed of ordering. Balancing a tray of scones and an array of hot drinks, I wove my way through the maze of tables and people to the chosen table. We spent a happy half an hour until Jboy had used all his patience, of which he has a limited amount, and then made our way out, past all the people, the piles of pink plants and the buckets of bouquets. However, M and I had forgotten that Jboy likes to do several circuits of the Garden Centre before we are permitted to leave the site...and we had had the temerity to suggest that we left after only the one tour. Dancing Girl and I sat in the car, in an attempt to lure Jboy in but Jboy decided that he needed to sit on the ground and roll around several times before he would agree to enter the car, under protest. M climbed into the driver's seat, chest heaving with the effort, sweat beads forming on his brow while Jboy chortled with glee. And thus ended our Saturday sojourn. Today dawned frostily and beautiful so Jboy took us into town for an early morning beverage. How kind and thoughtful of him. We, of course, had to visit an establishment approved by Jboy of which there are only two but that was fine. M and I chatted and exchanged comments as sharp as the creases ironed into our clothes by my helpful mum.. It was most enjoyable. On the walk home we nearly made the cardinal error of walking on the incorrect sides of Jboy..I have to be on Jboy's left with M on his right..but we momentarily reversed this order. Jboy soon put us right! All is in order once again.Phew!
Just another action-packed weekend
The End