Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday thoughts..... of the many books I am reading at the moment is by Brene Brown.  I have just finished a chapter about 'owning our stories'. The author writes that our difficulties and hard times in our lives are part of who we are now (whenever 'now' is). She reckons that if we try to disown or sanitise these hard times and difficulties, then we might find it harder to become 'whole'.  It made me think about my little blogette and FB page (which is sometimes the same thing but not always)..I realise that I have a tendency to write 'lightly' of our difficulties and try to bring a spark, however tiny, of humour into the situation. I don't THINK I am denying the negative or sanitising it...oooh is this a  moment of introspection coming up????...what I think I am doing is choosing to turn things around and see the half full aspect rather than dwell on the half empty, whilst still acknowledging it is there.  Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head. Jboy has made us the people we(M and I) are right now. Living through and surviving the hard times is indeed part of us. Part of our other children too.It does not define us though. I don't think the author of the aforementioned book is saying that by the way and I am taking her chapter out of just became a springboard for my thoughts to do their thing. We all have stories. Our lives are stories. Some have horror stories to tell ...but if they are telling them, then they have survived them . WHOOP!  I know my positivity can be annoying but as some of my posts show, I am NOT always positive. I have down times. I have dreary times. I have had horrible times. But today, and all we have is today after all, today I am able to see that the past makes the present but doesn't necessarily dictate the future. So there's a Friday thought....not quite deeeeeep but deepish!!!  BTW I like hearing other people's stories tell
The End