Friday, 11 March 2016


So...I found a card today with the words 'sometimes it would help if life came with instructions'.  Initially I thought..'YES' but then I got to thinking...if life came with instructions then surely that would mean that you would know what was going to happen because you would have instructions on how to deal with it? (unless all hypothetical eventualities were covered).......and if you knew what was going to happen, maybe it might not always be a helpful thing? ' I'm going to have to do WHAT?' might think...or 'I'm going WHERE?' You might think you will never cope with some of the things life throws at you. Or maybe that's just me????  In my life as a grown up(going by years rather than state of mind that is) I have had a selection of babies and it amazed me how different each one was. Same genes, completely different beings. My two boys had additional health issues...I perhaps could have done with instructions on how to deal with that.  I AM the sort of person who likes to read up about things. When diagnosed with Labyrinthitis, I read everything I could on the topic. I've also had Hyperventilation a book! a book! My goodness, I am such a wreck! !!!!!!  :-) So what am I saying exactly? I think I am saying that I am glad I didn't know that about any of the stuff that has happened in our lives, in my life. If I had known I would still be caring for a toddler, albeit a huge one, 27 years after he was born, I might have thought I could not do it...instead, one just gets on and muddles through as best as one is able. ' Dealing with a child with profound and multiple learning difficulties and remaining sane' such book. Or at least not one that I managed to find!!  So,one can only ever do one's is impossible to do better than your best (for all the wordsmiths, you will recognise the comparative and superlative here). Actually I quite like that idea......let's be as superlative as each one of us is able.
The End

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