Thursday, 10 March 2016

shortlived jogging blogging

So...I went jogging once. I was reminded of this fact as I was driving to our nearest large supermarket where I was to meet my lovely chum and her lovely husband. Why did this remind me of jogging? Well, it wasn't the drive as such but rather  the passing of the various joggers en route. My jogging career was very short lived as I soon decided that I was not cut out for such activities.  My second child had not long been born and I was attempting to regain some form of fitness level. The birth of our second child had been fraught with drama. I won't go into the detail as it is his story to tell ultimately but the shortened version is that he was whisked off to Great Ormond Street hospital from where we were living in Cambridgeshire and had a major life saving operation at just under two days old. He was a poorly little chap when he came home, at 10 days, with a massive scar all across one side of his body. He was a bewildered and anxious little baby for a while but soon settled and became a charming fellow. Still is.  But that was the summer when M and I decided that we would GetFit.The weather was really beautiful in the early Summer. We took it in turns to go out jogging early in the morning before he went off to work...well, as I intimated...I didn't find jogging to be the way forward for me! It hurt my knees. It hurt all manner of bits of me and I just ended up back at home, hot and sweaty, exhausted and with two small children to tend to on my is not for me! I soon discovered an evening tap dancing lesson which was and is much more my style. I admire people who jog....such stickability but I guess the truth  is that we can't all do everything. What a relief.  That baby boy is now a doctor and is saving other people's babies.
The End

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