Friday, 4 March 2016

food fads and the rest

So..after my culinary caper with the green soup, I have been thinking about food....and I was thinking especially about my offspring and their various foody issues when they were littler and how that, at the time, it seemed dreadful but how as they have grown, they almost all eat anything. In no particular order here are some of my offspring's foody child would eat piles and piles of fried mushrooms as a toddler. It was a food of preference and yet now, that child, now grown of course, cannot bear to be in the same room as a mushroom (well, almost); another would only eat puffed wheat for every meal with the occasional satsuma thrown in and yet another loved fruit so much that it was the Christmas present of choice. A fourth (but not the fourth) would only eat cheese. Jboy ,of all of them ,would eat anything given to him , apart from ice cream which I think was just too cold. I think he probably would still eat anything if given the chance. He isn't. I have compiled lists of the foods which he can and , more importantly, cannot eat. These lists were given to both the Most Marvellous Day Centre and the Most Marvellous Respite Centre. Someone at the MMDC once decided that either I was just being a fussy parent, or that this limited list could not possible be right or maybe they hadn't seen the list, or didn't understand that these were foods that he CANNOT eat and not just foods that he does not eat. Important distinction. In their wisdom, they decided to give Jboy a full salad alongside his jacket potato and told me proudly that they had 'managed' to get him to eat it all up. The problem has never been to get him to eat.....the problem is his body keeping it in!! Sure enough (those of a delicate disposition should look away now), later the full salad emerged intact and as recognisable as it had gone in. They are always very careful now.
Food can become a battleground so easily.....from this vantage point, many years later, I can say just relax and it will all be OK in the end. (and remember, if it isn't OK, it isn't the end)
The End