Tuesday, 1 March 2016


So...we are now into March. M and I have survived almost two months without respite....only two more to go....Oh, that feels like a really, really long time! The exhaustion with which we live on a day to day basis has deepened rather without the provision of a night or two of unbroken sleep which the Most Marvellous Respite Centre gives us. I was Parent on Duty again today..it feels like only just the other day that I did it last....wait, it WAS only just the other day.  On Sunday we were awake and I was at Our Boy's Bidding (a bit like being at Her Majesty's Pleasure) from 12.45 am onwards ....at least today started at a more reasonable hour. At least today had a 4 at the beginning rather than in the middle.Like a mother of a small child, I am feeling dizzy with exhaustion. I KNOW I should eat much more sensibly than I do but it is so much easier to stuff a Hot Cross Bun in!! As is becoming obvious by the ever expanding waistline!  Yet even in my exhausted state, when my Boy peeps at me and gives me his wide macaque grin, how can I do anything but melt a little inside. He doesn't 'do' waking up on purpose. He doesn't mean to render me almost senseless with sleeplessness. It isn't his intention to grind me down to almost nothing. All he wants is a bit of love and a parent to hug. All we can do is be there and do that....and wait patiently for the respite to resume in May.  Roll on May!!!
The End