Friday, 18 March 2016

joyful Jboy

So...Jboy started the day with a broad grin and it appears that he has been smiling all day. It was M's turn on duty last night so the first time I saw Jboy this morning was when he ran, yes ran, into the front room, or froom as it is coloquially known in our house, clutching his bag for the Most Marvellous Day Centre..he was grinning broadly..think 'The Joker' but nice...M says that on emerging from the bathroom, Jboy spotted his bag and ran off with it , as fast as his little legs could carry him,as if he was doing something really cheeky. He was certainly chuckling his cheeky chuckle as he ran into the froom. This grin lasted throughout the entirety of Thomas the Tank Engine, depite the peril of the tale ( Thomas fell off the rails...shock horror). all during the joys of Ben and Holly etc etc right up to our newest favourite, Dinopaws which still makes me laugh out loud. We made a very jolly duo as we stood outside waiting for the Right Bus. Jboy laughed at passing dogs, tumbling leaves scurrying along the pavement and was especially entertained by the chorus of crows nearby. He giggled as the bus came and practically leapt on. He has had a lovely day and giggled as he came in about ten minutes ago. I don't know why today should be so much fun but I don't really need to know..just enjoy the joy of the boy...and I do!!!!
The End