Thursday, 24 March 2016

hot cross mum????

So....we are fast approaching 4 days of Eastery family times ahead..or in our case, 4 days of wrestling and wrangling and general exhaustion as the Most Marvellous Day Centre is closed to give the amazing staff a well deserved rest.  I am trying to approach these days with a positive mind set..trying NOT to think of all the things we won't be able to do, trying to think of things we WILL be able to do. GULP..the list is quite small!!!

The good news is that Jboy had a fab time at his unexpected respite days. We had a fab time without him....I mean we missed him, obviously, but being able to sleep is such a treat..being able to dare to leave the TV cupboard unlocked, able to put a jug of lovely daffodils on the kitchen table without fear that they would be spread liberally around the kitchen within moments, the joy of being able to eat cheese, these are among the little things that I enjoy when my Boy is away having fun of his own. He really does enjoy his time away but he is usually pleased to come home he is pleased and is currently attached to my left arm rather like a large limpet! It's a bitter/sweet thing...we love him completely and absolutely but he is also completely and absolutely exhausting. Our life is not unique...except ,of course, that it is. Each family has its OWN tale to tell ,its own ups and downs.

Just as we are all different families/people with different stories to tell, so we have different ways of celebrating this season.

So, whatever this Easter weekend brings you....I trust that it will be full of joy and peace.

The End

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