Monday, 7 March 2016

a Monday pome (not quite august enough to be a poem)

I'm just a normal mum
doing what I can,
My job is caring
For my Jboy child-man.

I'm no different
or more patient than others
There are many amazing
and most splendid mothers.

And we all need a grump
or a moan or a weep
No child is perfect
('cept maybe when asleep!)

The difference is MY caring role
has lasted years and years
but don't think that I don't
ever drop big,fat,wet tears.

I choose to write things
as my means of escape
and a vent for my frustrations
a place for fears to take shape

I too get cross and angry
and sometimes want to run
But then I look and I see
my Boy, my man-son.

His trusting eyes and smile
broad, wide and free
all serve as a balm
and  a salve just for me.

We ALL need to find
our own ways to cope
Mine is to write or sing
and simply hope.

And if I sound
indulgent and quite soppy,
please give me a break
and don't get too stroppy.

I just wanted to write something, saying that I am not a super mother or the most patient mother ever. I am just me. My patience has increased over the years and I have much more than I did when my big ones were little ones(just ask them!!).  I have had to adjust my thinking..this one will NEVER leave home. It is all very different from how I thought it would be but this is how it is. How we are. How he is. So it is a matter of getting on with it.......I am just ordinary. An ordinary mum with an extraordinary son.
The End
PS ALL my children are's just that Jboy is a bit more out of the ordinarily extraordinary!!! Just to clarify