Thursday, 3 March 2016

Boy with the Toy

So..when my big ones were little ones, I used to enjoy reading various Dr Seuss books to them. One which especially stuck, apart from Green Eggs and Ham, was The Cat in the Hat. As I was awake at 3.30 this morning with Jboy, what else would my mind turn to but adapting that poem for my boy??? After all, there is little else to think of at that time of day(Little Else doesn't mind). So here is a very much shortened version of the Cat in the Hat, retitled The Boy with the Toy. (with thanks and apologies to the marvellous Dr Seuss)

The sun did not shine
it was too wet to play
so we sat in the house
all that cold, cold wet day.

I sat there with M
we sat there, we two
and I said,'How I wish
we had something to do'

But all we could do was to
and we did not like it
not one little bit.

And then someone went BUMP
How that bump made us jump
we looked
the we saw him
 step in,full of joy,
We looked
and we saw him
Jboy with a Toy

And he said to us (poetic licence)
'Why do you sit there like that?
I know it is wet
and the sun is not sunny
but we can have
lots of good fun that is funny.

'I know some good games
we could play,'
said the boy
'And I know some tricks,'
said the Boy with the Toy
'A lot of good tricks.
I will show them to you
You will not mind at all
if I do'

Then M and I
did not know what to say,
our energy had
for the day.

'Now now...Have no fear
Have no fear ,'
said the boy
'My tricks are not bad ,'
said the Boy with the Toy
'Why, we can have fun,
if you so desire,
with a game that I call
throw things in the fire'

And that is why we have TWO fireguards around our fire.....

Feel free to finish the poem for me. At  3.30am that's all I could manage!!!

The End