Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Jboy and the dinopaws

So...this morning as on most weekday mornings, Jboy and I indulged in a little pre-school TV watching..and by that I mean TV programmes designed for pre-school children. Our favourite at the moment is Dinopaws, a charming little programme which has  made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. This morning the creatures were walking and running..Jboy was copying their actions with great glee.  I love it..the three characters are called Tony, Bob and Gwen..obvious Dinosaur names! They invent words  when they don't know the name of something which is most of the time and when Gwen counts to three, she says,'One and one and one' which is my kind of counting!! The simple cartoon drawings and the simple actions of the creatures appeal to the Boy while the words appeal to me..it is a win/win programme. What I love most though is the way that Jboy studies the characters and tries to copy their movements. He really studies it hard and when he does his version of whatever they are doing, he looks to me with a great grin on his lovely face. He is so pleased with himself and shares his joy with me. It is a lovely moment. I may have mentioned before that some people think that chaps like Jboy with all their Otherabilities 'should' be given the choice to watch or listen to things which are chronologically age-appropriate rather than  emotionally age-appropriate. These things are usually far too difficult, stressful or downright scary for my Boy so I am very happy for him to one of the many who love Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, the Octonauts and Dinopaws. Where is the harm? I feel there would be far more harm in exposing him to things he finds stressful or scary than there is in him  copying the marching actions of a cartoon dinosaur!! OOOHHH just give me a soap box someone!!!!
The End