Thursday, 3 March 2016

the green soup tale

So....a tale of the culinary kind....I have never had the most iron-filled blood in the world and from time to time have to take additional iron-rich products to help me along. It doesn't help that I can't eat liver (only because it makes me sick) and don't much like many of the other iron rich fodder. So when I found a recipe for 'green' soup(full of iron , very good for you), I thought I would give it a entailed much chopping and slicing and a fair bit of dicing. Once I had assembled the green stuff, put it in the pan and followed the recipe (practically) to the letter , it was ready to go. Seasoned, it simmered until the requisite time. I cooled it before whizzing it up to avoid being splattered with boiling soup...I have learned THAT lesson..and waited eagerly to taste plan was serve the healthy green soup as soup for M and myself but as a flavouring for Jboy's ubiquitous potatoes. Thankfully, I decided to taste the evil smelling brew before dishing it up with a flourish and a TA DAH! I can tell you now that it is a recipe I will not be attempting again.....think of the vilest thing you have ever eaten..this was worse. Not only did it taste vile but it smelled nasty too and it looked like some sinister medieval potion, intended to bring down thrones and end dynasties. It was a broth which, had I given it to Jboy and M with their delicate stomachs, would have produced results unmentionable in polite company. So, it's back to the dark chocolate then..oh well, never mind!!
The End

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