Wednesday, 2 March 2016

don't get in the box!!!! is a week to my birthday.  I still get a childish delight from my birthday and even though we don't celebrate it much these days, inside, I am having a party.  Now that the Others have grown and gone and are busy with their own lives (which is exactly how it should be) and Jboy doesn't know one day from the next and M never has really 'done' birthdays, I am not expecting to be showered with birthdayness but that is ok. I shall just have to do it for myself!!! We can't even go out for a meal easily on the day itself as Jboy won't leave the house once he is in after the Most Marvellous Day Centre has delivered him home. Now that my parents have both gone to that great party in the sky, where no doubt they are having a ball, I could feel a bit sorry for myself BUT I overcome that by buying myself a little gift 'from', I don't wrap it and then act surprised. I am not THAT weird (at this point M would say, how weird are you?? ) but I get great enjoyment from it. Alright. I am a bit weird.
 Lots of people my age are thinking of retiring from work. I still hanker after a 'little' job but I am unable to go out to work because a)I am mostly completely shattered and b)I haven't ever managed to find a job that fits in with Jboy's hours....apart from a glorious spell at the Bookshop where the hours were perfect and I loved it...hey ho!!
We all have to do life in the way that we can and in a way that fits us.... there is no 'one size fits all' way of doing life. I have realised that  I don't HAVE to fit into the box someone else has made for me....I am NOT 'just' the mother of a chap with multiple Otherabilities, I am NOT just a 'woman of a certain age', I am who I am. You are who you are. Jboy is who he is. HURRAH for that!!!
So, go, be yourself today and every other day
The End