Saturday, 12 March 2016

Jboy and the cafe cuddle

So....PDAs...or Public Displays of Affection. I grew up in a very openly affectionate family so when M and I got together I assumed this would continue.  Not inappropriate PDA s you understand..ooh no. That would be bad and wrong.  M ,however, had not been brought up thus so I quickly had to learn to adapt and more importantly for me, not to feel upset or rejected when he didn't like to hold my hand as we walked along. As the years have gone by, he has also adapted and isn't as twitchy as he was.  Jboy has no such compunctions. If he wants a cuddle, he will demand a cuddle. If he wants to sit on my knee, he will sit on my knee. After all, if he was two or three then it would be perfectly acceptable to have a cuddle with mum or dad. Emotionally he is even younger than that so M and I have learned to go with does feel a little odd, I have to admit, to be sitting in a cafĂ©, carrying on a perfectly normal conversation with M, sipping at a latte while on my knee is a very large chap!! One has to develop quite a thick skin to deflect the stares, the comments and the disapproval. As I think I have said before, people are often anxious and a little bit afraid and uncomfortable around things/people they don't when they see a huge moustachioed young man sitting on the knee of an ancient crone (moi) they aren't quite sure how to react. It's ok. I don't expect anything of them. So, M and I just get on with it, riding the waves, drinking the coffee, chatting from beneath the weight of a solid young man.  Actually we often end up laughing at the absurdity of trying to have a normal conversation while being squashed by Jboy and his PDA.  This morning we sat at a table with two sofas and a single chair. We occupied one sofa and the chair so a couple came and sat on the other sofa..they were clearly there to relax, read their Saturday morning newspapers and drink their green tea.  Jboy, slightly anxious that someone had encroached upon 'our' space, reacted by sitting on me. He was a bit unsettled and worried so needed the comfort of familiarity,as might any small child. M and I carried on regardless, enjoying our coffee and our chat with me beneath the Boy. We found it all most amusing but the couple opposite didn't.  So, sorry ,couple-opposite, but when a boy needs a cuddle, a boy needs a cuddle! (and there were lots of other seats they could have chosen......)