Monday, 21 March 2016

unexpected respite is the first day of an unexpected bonus 4 days of respite.  We hadn't expected to have any respite until May so this is an unexpected treat. Jboy was thrilled when he saw his packed bag and on Sunday, carried it around happily and expectantly. This morning, the Pavement Vigil was a joy with a happy chap and a cheery mother. When the Right Bus came, he leapt on with all the grace of a Jboy-gazelle and waved enthusiastically to me as the right Bus pulled away. I returned to the house and had to slow myself down as I do not have to have all my jobs today before the witching hour of 3.30 when everything turns back into pumpkins again and Jboy comes home. I can choose to START my jobs at 3.30 if I so wish!! For the next four days. Ohh. ...the freedom!! I am so pleased that Jboy is clearly so happy to go to his Most Marvellous Respite Centre. The prospect of a few nights of unbroken sleep is thrilling!!!  Who knew that one could feel so excited about such things? Such is the life of a family with a chap who has Otherabilities. I can feel a cheese fest coming on ...or even, sharp intake of excited breath, yogourt or ice cream. The possibilities are endless
The End


Guess what??? Dancing Girl and I WENT OUT at 3.30.....oh yes we did!! and now we are watching a dvd of our choice ie NOT Wallace and Grommit or Shaun the Sheep....and the wildness goes on...we are eating popcorn!!!!!!!Can it get any more exciting???? :-)
Also, today a social servicey person came to do a review of Jboy and of me as his carer and she had not only read all the notes on Jboy (including the ones she didn't really need to read..and there are a lot)but she also had a few practical ideas about helping us/me. HURRAH and how refreshing!!!!